Versus: Snowbound Weapons Pack II






The Versus: Snowbound Weapon Pack II includes one Blue Snowbound Marine with a radio comm backpack, a Halo Reach style assault rifle, a shotgun, suppressed smg, and a grenade. This set also contains a small weapons rack and a barrel for storing weapons, along with a fusion coil. This set is a Target exclusive.

Info From Do Not Edit:

Choose Blue Team and arm your troops to conquer the arctic battlefield with the Blue Team: Snowbound Weapons Pack by Mega Bloks! Includes Blue Team UNSC Marine with exclusive Snowbound Armor.

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Buildable battle terrain
  • UNSC Figurine: UNSC Marine with Snowbound armor
  • UNSC Weapons Crate
  • Accessories and Weapons: MA37, Frag grenade, Suppressed SMG, Comm Backpack, Shotgun V2, Health Pack


Even though the official description says this set includes a health pack, it includes a fusion coil instead.


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