Versus: Snowbound UNSC Rockethog





The Versus: Snowbound UNSC includes three figures, two Blue Snowbound Spartans, one with a magnum, while the other does not include a weapon because he is driving. This set also includes a Red Snowbound Combat Elite with a energy sword. There are two vehicles in this set, one covenant ghost, and one arctic UNSC warthog. This set is exclusive to Target.

Info From Do Not Edit:

Choose your side and fight for control of Snowbound with the Snowbound: UNSC Rockethog by Mega Bloks! Out on a routine patrol around High Base on their Arctic Rockethog, Red Team’s Spartans spot a Blue Team Elite racing towards them on a Covenant Ghost! Red Team hits the accelerator and targets the Elite with their rocket turret just as Blue Team opens fire with his Ghosts’ medium plasma cannons!

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Buildable Arctic Warthog and Covenant Ghost
  • UNSC Figurines: Red Team Spartan x2 with Snowbound armor
  • Covenant Figurines: Blue Team Elite Combat with Snowbound armor
  • Weapons: Two M6D Pistols, one Energy Sword