Versus: Snowbound Combat Unit






The Versus: Snowbound Highbase includes four figures, a Red Snowbound CQB Spartan with a shotgun, a Red Snowbound Combat Elite with a needler, a Blue Snowbound Spartan with a magnum, and a Blue Snowbound Combat Elite with a needle rifle. This set also includes display stand which is capable of displaying all four figures. This set is exclusive to Target.

Info From Do Not Edit:

Choose your side and fight for control of Snowbound with the Versus: Snowbound Combat Unit by Mega Bloks! Combined UNSC and Covenant forces with exclusive Snowbound armor includes an Blue Team Elite Combat and Spartan, along with Red Team Spartan CQB and Elite Combat with weapons on special display bleacher blocks.

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


Bleacher Block Display Red Team: Spartan CQB , Elite Combat with Snowbound armor Blue Team: Spartan, Elite Combat with Snowbound armor Weapons: M6D Pistol, Needle Rifle, Shotgun, Needler


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