Versus: Covenant Locust Attack






The Versus: Covenant Locust Attack set includes three minifigures, a Blue EVA Spartan with a brute shot, a Blue CQB Spartan with a rocket launcher, and a Red Combat Elite with a energy sword. This set also includes a second generation tan Mongoose. This set includes 284 pieces, and is apart of the Versus set line.

Info From Do Not Edit:

Choose your side as two teams of Covenant and UNSC forces clash for total control of the battlefield! Red Team takes control of the new Covenant Locust with Red Combat Elite trying to capture the territory occupied by the last member of Blue Team - an incoming Blue EVA and CQB Spartan ride at top speed on the new UNSC Desert Mongoose determined to even the odds.

Ideal for ages 8 and up!


  • One Blue EVA Spartan and CQB Spartan
  • One Red Combat Elite
  • One newly designed Covenant Locust with rotating canopy and articulated legs
  • One newly designed UNSC Desert Mongoose with Halo 3 blue flag deco
  • Three weapons: Plasma Sword, Brute Shot, Rocket Launcher