UNSC Hornet Attack






The UNSC Hornet Attack set includes three minifigures, a Red Hayabusa Spartan with a katana, a Red Pilot with a magnum, and a Jackal with a carbine and a red shield. This set also includes a Red Hornet, and a Covenant Sniper Tower. This set includes 256 pieces. This set is exclusive to Target in the USA.

Info From Do Not Edit:

Establish your army, build and expand your bases with the Halo UNSC Hornet Attack playset by Mega Bloks! Recreate epic battle scenes between the UNSC and the Covenant with these authentic buildable playsets!

The Covenant Platform is an anti-gravity lookout tower used to fortify Covenant-occupied areas. When deployed, the tower hovers in the air and is used as a sniper lookout tower against incoming UNSC units. Made of new red active-camo block, the Covenant forces will have their hands full trying to defend against this redesigned VTOL UNSC Hornet.

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • UNSC Hornet Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle made of new red active-camo micro blocks and Covenant Battle Platform!
  • 2 VTOL fan engines that really rotate!
  • 1 UNSC Red Spartan-II with M6D pistol
  • 1 UNSC Red Hayabusa Spartan with Katana sword
  • 1 Covenant Jackal with Carbine and edge glow red shield