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Welcome to the TheHaloMegaBloks Wiki Edit

The Halo Mega Bloks Wiki is a wiki that anyone can edit. Please don't add anything that is false, and don't add your custom creations. Only add true information. I hope that together we can grow as the best Halo Mega Bloks wiki out there!

Describe your topic Edit

The topic as you all know is Halo Mega Bloks, I will be creating and editing pictures on every Halo Mega Bloks set and figure. Then as new information is realeased I will add more pages.

Goals Edit

  • Make all UNSC Figure Pages
  • Make all Covenant Figure Pages
  • Make all Versus Figure Pages
  • Make all Snowbound Figure Pages
  • Make all Versus Set Pages
  • Make all Snowbound Set Pages
  • Make all Target Exclusive Set Pages
  • Make all Walmart Exclusive Set Pages
  • Make all Toys R Us Exclusive Set Pages
  • Make all Hero Pack Pages

Latest activity Edit

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