Battle Unit






The Battle Unit set includes eight Minifigures, a Green Spartan equipped with a shotgun, a Blue Spartan equipped with an smg, two Purple Elites equipped with beam rifles, two Grunts, and a Green Flame Marine and a Blue Flame Marine both equipped with flamethrowers.

Info From Do Not Edit:

The Earth-Covenant war has accounted for tons of casualties on both sides -– replenish and expand your armies with the Halo Wars Army Expansion Pack from Mega Bloks! The expansion pack includes 8 magnetic, fully articulated mini-figurines including soldiers from The UNSC and The Covenant with matching weapons. Choose your side and rout the enemy with sheer numbers!

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • One Green UNSC Spartan II
  • One Blue UNSC Spartan II
  • One Green Flame Marine
  • One Blue Flame Marine
  • Two Purple Covenant Elites
  • Two Grunts
  • 6 weapons


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